Manila Filipina Named Shorty No Strings Attached

Filipina Spinner In Manila Named Shorty

I planned to meet a Filipina spinner girl in Manila. I will call her "Shorty" because she is absolutely tiny. I met her around 9 years ago in Makati when she just turned 18. We kept in touch and met every two years or so but no strings attached. I had saved up a 3-day load and the prospect of being balls deep inside a Filipina was making me excited. Japanese girls might as well be a different species to Filipinas. Both in good and bad ways. Shorty told me that she wanted me to make her cum, so after being inspired by my brother and his bag of tricks, I brought a small finger-sized vibrator. This was a first for me.

Soon after I checked in, Shorty messaged me to say she was almost there. She arrived in a taxi and as soon as the driver saw her get out and then greet me and my foreigner's face, he started shouting "100 more" out the window which made me laugh.

Filipina Spinner Manila

Repeat Filipina Girls Just Like Old Times Again

Back in the room and it was like old times again. It is a little uncomfortable walking with Shorty as from behind, her height makes her look way too young, despite already being 27 and mature. Almost without even saying hello, our clothes were off. She went straight down to suck me, but I had to push her off because I hadn't even showered after my 4.5-hour flight. We go in the shower and after some touching, I enter her from behind. The two-year Filipina lbfm sex drought was finally over!

Back on the bed and I was trying my best to make her cum. She almost screamed when I pulled out the tiny little vibrator, but after a bit of playful touching, she was ok with me putting it on her clit. was a literal screaming success. Got her to hold it in place while I pumped her and she was damn noisy. After one of the longest boom boom sessions of my life, I finally blew a large 3-day load inside this cutie.

She Wakes Up & Grabs My Dick

It was late so we both snoozed off but I woke up in the middle of the night with her grabbing my dick and it was all going for round two.

Manila Pinay No Strings Attached

In the morning she did the same and it was around three early morning boom boom. All ended in me shooting my load deep inside her.

After sleeping until lunchtime, I suggested we go to the Mall Of Asia for a meal. Hopped on a Jeepney and went to the food court in MOA. Although Manila was pretty much 100% mask usage, no vaccine passes were needed to enter MOA. They had just changed the rules to allow kids in so it was packed with young families. If you don't wear a mask in Manila, you won't get far at the moment.

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Super Horny Pinay Round 4

We got a Jeepney back to Sogo Hotel and pretty much as soon as we entered the room, it was time for the fourth round. She turned on the TV and there was a Japanese anal sex chat girl showing which seemed to make her pretty excited. This time I used my fingers to press hard on her G spot which almost had her squirting but she forcefully stopped me.

Overall, I had a great time with Shorty. No money changed hands but I insisted on buying some cakes for her family. I found this tactic works quite well for girls who refuse to accept money but want a reward.

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