Filipina Bargirl Q & A Conversation Guidelines

Filipina Bar Girl Questions & Answer Guide

We have broken things up into three parts. Breaking the ice or getting to them. The discovery phase and finally, the best part is the "game on" or sexual takedown phase.

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Phase 1 Breaking The Ice Questions & Topics

Ask for general information about her family. 
What hobbies or interests she may have.
Where she has traveled to within the Philippines.
Where would she like to go within the Philippines if had the money to do it?
Ask for nice restaurants to eat at. Points of interest to visit. (Even if you know).
What is her favorite kind of food?
Where does she see herself in life after 5 years in time?
What were her dreams, hopes in life, and whatever she might have achieved?
Ask about her friends.
Does she have any children? If has any children, find out about the father.

Phase 2 - Filipina Bargirl Discovery 

If I could choose any country to live where would it be?
Ask how you go about EWR (Early Work Release Or Barfine) with her if interested.
Ask about learning or practicing Tagalog with her.
Does she have a boyfriend or husband?
What kind of work she did do before working in the bar.
 Are you a team player?
What attracted you to the role of a hooker?
What are your weakest points in the bedroom?
Ask your friends about your personality, what would I learn that you have not already told me?
What kind of barfine do you expect?
What is it that sets you apart from the other bargirls applying for this position?
How long would you expect to work for me if you were hired?
Have you ever been asked to leave a position?
Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
Tell me about the most fun you have had on a job?
If both of your children were on fire, which one would you save. (This is the trick question)
Have you heard of the country I come from?
How do you feel about the current economic situation in your country?
Can I come on your face?
Is your ass cherry?
Do you swallow?

Phase 3 - Game On & Closing Questions

What countries are your boyfriends from?
How much and how often do you get money via western union?
Does your Filipino boyfriend not get jealous because you work in a bar?
How many 'short times' do you do in a day before work and after work?
when giving a blowjob do you like to spit or swallow?
I then proceed with 'do you want to go barfine?

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Happy mongering in Angeles City or other parts of the Philippines. Keep in mind, the guide above may be used with live Filipina lbfm not working in bars. Adjust the framing of the questions accordingly. 

Last but not least, remember to glove up. Bringing your own condoms is best.

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