Filipinas Working In Bars Tell Many Lies Beware

Working Filipino Girls Constantly Lie To Vacation Boyfriends

Hooked up with a smart wise Filipina bar girl in October. From the start, I told her no sponsorship or money. She can continue working. We chatted every day on Facebook and live Pinay lbfm cam chats.

I returned to see her every 3 months, she would take time off from the bar and spend it with me. A holiday girlfriend you could say.

Filipina Working in Bars Lie A lot

Filipino Girls Working In Bars Will Tell Many Lies

The last trip I saw here was in February 2020. We still chatted and did live cam chats daily. So we have not seen each other in person for ten months. The other day I was on Facebook and where it says "people you may know" I saw a pic of her with some Filipino guy. His main profile pic is of him and her. A few more pictures of them together. When I called her out on this she said he was her ex and she had no idea why he put pics of them together. 

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Caught Her Lying On Facebook Or?

Later many people left comments on the pic," congratulations", "treat him well he loves you" etc. So she has been caught. Yet she continues to deny it telling me how much she loves me and other bullshit.

I unfriended her and blocked her after this. Why continue to lie when caught? Is this "saving face" or extreme immaturity? Is this part of the culture?

This foolish scenario is common if not a given in Angeles City. Don't expect loyalty when you are playing with fire, to begin with.  This is not a cultural issue, it's a financial issue. Whoever is in town with cash is the first in line. Sometimes you are lucky enough to be the dude at the front of the line. Other times you just have to wait your turn.

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