Eager Beaver Angeles City Bargirls Philippines

Angeles City Go Go Eager Beaver Philippines

Next, I headed to the Eager Beaver bar. There’s this bargirl that caught my attention last time and she was really working me on the bench so I told her I’d come back for her. 

She’s one of those girls that gets stuck in your head and just want to go ahead and fuck her so she’ll be out of your system. Anyway, I went over and she was there and told her I was gonna come back as promised so after one drink she got dressed and headed back to the hotel.

Eager Beaver Angeles City Bargirls Philippines

The Deed Was Done Out The Door

Once there it was one and done and she was out the door. With the price of her barfine I can’t really complain. I wanted to get her out of my system and that’s exactly what happened.

Saturday of that same week I found myself in the Eager Beaver bar again. This time my favorite Filipina bar girl was there but she was a little busy with another customer. So I called her down for a drink. I noticed one of her cute friends still on the stage so I asked if she was close to her. 

Sexy Girl Treats Her Like A Daughter

She says yeah, I treat her as a daughter here. So I told her to call her down and she did. For now, let’s call her a sexy Lbfm Filipina girl. I did notice her turning down some customers earlier so I was a little apprehensive. She came over and introductions were made. Told her I always thought she was one of the cuter Pinay girls in there and she said she noticed me looking at her several times but I’m always busy with another girl.

Back To The Room Cuddling & Drunk

Well, we had a few drinks and the next thing you know we were all getting drunk. In my drunken state, I asked her if she wanted to come home with me and she agreed so sent her off to change. She told me to make sure to take really good care of my daughter. 

I told her not to worry because I’m drunk already. Back in the room we kissed and cuddled for a while until eventually, I fell asleep.

Filipina Bargirl Babes

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