First Time Angeles City First Time Filipina

First Time With A Filipina In Angeles City

One of the guys in the group has a Filipina he gets with occasionally. We go to a bar about a 3-4 minute walk outside of Fields Avenue Walking Street. The ladies are a mix of young and older on the stage. They are also not as energetic as some of the other places. "R" meets us there with his girl and tells us, "watch how we are going to get this party started." 

First TIme Angeles First Time Filipina

His Filipina Is Into Other Ladies

He tells us how his girl is also into ladies, and she then tells me J (the other new guy to Angeles City sitting beside me) how she likes big natural tits. So they find one of the younger girls on stage with nice, big tits and call her down. His friend talks her into taking her top off for a shot. She rubs salt around the girl's nipples while talking to the girl the entire time, saying relax.

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The girl hesitantly downs her shot (the kind with the salt on the rim and a lime). Once she does, R's girl places her shot in the girl's belly button, downs the shot, and then licks the salt off her nipples. The girls on stage are staring the entire time and when she licks those nipples, they lose their minds and so does the girl, LOL. NEXT! 

 She does this 2 more times and each time the girls on the stage are getting more and more energetic with R looking at us and saying, "that's how you do it". Me and J looking at each other grinning our heads off and in absolute love with this girl and her go-get-it attitude!

My First Filipina In Angeles City

My very first Filipina girl made me want another, duh... Who would have thought that was possible right? Several of the bars open around noon or was it 1p? Didn't really matter what time because I couldn't go to any of them until after my first girl left. When she finally left, adding me on FB, saying something about a cousin's introduction, (what?), and me promising to come back by her bar later tonight if possible, I took another shower.

Chat Live With Filipina Bargirls Now

I headed to Kokomo's to grab a little food and watch people. I ordered a meatball hoagie which was actually pretty good and overheard the guy sitting beside me talking to one of his friends on the other side about life in Angeles City and Manila. After his friend walked away, I struck up a conversation and found out he was from Philly but had been living in the Philippines for almost 7 years now. Another really cool person to talk to and I would meet up with them later in one of the bars with his friend. I want to say his name started with a D, so I will just call him D.

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