Beware Of Bargirls That Travel Often Red Flag Alert

Bargirls That Travel Often Beware

Beware of bargirls that travel a lot, this an obvious red flag. And this might not be a red flag, but just something to be aware of. I'm not talking about travel like within Thailand or whatever. I'm talking about traveling to Western countries, to international countries, where she may have a boyfriend, sponsor or something like that. 

 Take a quick look on social media, you'll be able to see a lot of these girls, especially the really pretty ones. They live life to the fullest. They get flown all over the world.

Beware Of Bargirls Traveling Often

Trips To Expensive Locations Such As Dubai Speak Volumes

I've got a friend that's over in Dubai at the moment, just living it up. Her Instagram stories are absolutely epic, lunch and Burj Khalifa, champagne, Chris style by the pool, just living the good life, honestly. And she is, as an example, someone that gets flown all around the world by guys. 

That's something you need to be aware of becoming acquainted with Sexy Asian bar girls. If they've traveled a lot to these other countries, you just need to ask a question, why and are they still with any of these people. Not necessarily a red flag but certainly something is being waved and it’s a candy bar.

Bar Girl Repeat Visits To The Same Countries

  If they're repeatedly going back to the same countries, then obviously there's someone there that they keep going back to see. You also can get an idea by which countries they're visiting and how frequently they're traveling. I love to travel personally so I know how expensive travel is, and you can just sort of figure out how that's all being funded. If they're doing family trips, then that's a no-brainer. 

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Frequent Trips To Far Away Lands

Frequent trips to Dubai is sort of obvious to any country of that nature.
A lot of these red flags seem really obvious, especially if you've been out here a long time you'll know most of these already.

 Many people haven't spent much time out here and others have never been out here. Thus I’m giving the basics "bar girl players" to educate. We're all guilty of either falling for someone that falls into one of these categories or if not, we all know someone that has fallen for someone in one of these categories.

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