Bar Girl Red Flag Alert Tip: When They Have Two Phones

Bar Girl With Two Phones Red Flag Alert

And this is a fun bar girl red flag, two phones. So there's very few reasons why someone would actually need two phones here. You know, some people may run a business and they need a business phone. If they do do that, then ideally when the business is closed or after hours, that phone will be turned off and left at home, which is usually not the case here. So why two phones? 

The two phones thing is usually from someone who has an overseas boyfriend or a sponsor or something like that. Sometimes they have multiple, but basically that's a phone that they can be contacted on at any time. It may have a separate social media account. Basically they're living two lives by having these two different phones. I know of instances where people have added a tracking app on the phone. 

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Bargirl Brain Storming & Possible Reasons

Normally someone overseas has a boyfriend or partner, they're sending you money, then they're going to want to know what you're doing, what you're up to. So they'll have the tracking app on the phone so they can build that trust. There's no reason for anyone to have two phones. Especially with  multiple social media accounts on one phone. You can have multiple phone numbers on one phone now. So if they have two phones, that's a huge bar girl red flag. 

There may be a legitimate reason why people would have two phones, but it’s highly unlikely. I'd be curious as to why. Bargirl lies and scams are easy to spot if you know what to look for. And something you can also keep track of is how quickly do they reply on one phone as opposed to the other? Which phone do your messages come on, and how much time do they spend on each phone? You can sort of just look at these things and get an idea of exactly what they're doing.

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Reply Time Says Everything

 While it may not be sinister, it might be as well. So one thing to keep tabs on is how quickly do they reply on the phone to you as opposed to the phone on someone else. Because some bar girls take forever to reply to you. Then  you'll see the second they get a message on that other phone, they pick it up and reply right away. So that's also an indication as to how busy they are and how much they prioritize each person on each phone.

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