19 year old Manila Filipina College Student Coconut Girl #1

19-year-old Manila Filipina College Student 

My first piece of "new" Filipina Lbfm pussy on this trip was awesome. This Coconut Girl (Fucking For Money) was a 19-year-old Manila Filipina College Student.

She was totally cool and one of the first I had contacted on the site. She was set to arrive at 1pm, I told her to wear something a little more upscale as the hotel is a bit on the snobbish side and to also bring something to swim in. We had agreed upon 5K for the day without any real hassle. The plan was to head to Vikings at SM Jazz but she was 45 minutes late and her upscale attire was jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt.

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It was too late for Viking so we headed across the street to the two-story Burger place in the middle of Greenbelt located outside towards the end of Greenbelt one. You guys should check that place out when you have a chance to get a great burger…

I always find it nice that I can learn something from almost anyone. Lita taught me a little about how the OFW system is set up in the Philippines, and what the pay is like for people placed in Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. What happens when problems arise with the host family etc... She had worked in a placement agency and knew the entire scoop. We finished up and headed back across the street to the hotel.

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Changed into swim attire and went for a swim in the pool, nice and relaxing, I have to say her belly did seem like she was having too much Jollibee lately but still looked decent in her swimsuit. We headed back to the room, she was a bit nervous and kept her swimsuit on as we went into the shower, after a few minutes under the giant rain shower her suit was off and we were rubbing, kissing, and stroking. The water pressure was like playing under a waterfall, she loved it. Probably stayed there a good 25 minutes.

Dried off, jumped in bed, and motioned for a blowjob, she tried her best but even after trying to teach her, she just wasn’t very good. So I had to stop her and just enjoy that 19-year-old Lbfm Filipino girl body. Regular positions ensued and she was a very passionate young gal, really into our session, pulling me in deeper, scratching my back… the works. After I finished, she continued to give me that look… like I am the only man in the world. 

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At this point it was around 6:30ish, I had my next date coming at 8:00pm and I needed to take a power nap. It takes longer and longer to recover from jet lag these days. I used the grab app to get a taxi to pick her up and take her home. She asked to see me the next day, I said I was very busy with work but I’ll get back to you.

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