Return Mongering Angeles City Couldn't Wait to Get Back

Return Mongering Angeles City Philippines

Back in Angeles City again. I could not wait to get here.

Got in late last night. Checked into my hotel and right out the door. Walked into Amazon but the place was dead. One drink and left. Then into Club Asia on Fields Ave Walking Street. Not really hopping either but the waitress was friendly so I decided to stay.

The waitress was pregnant, which happened a little the last three times I was there. Kinda strange but interesting. Filipinas get knocked up a lot around Angeles City especially with all the fucking.

Return Mongering Angeles City Couldn't Wait to Get Back

Angeles City Tit Shots Are The Best

Bought her a drink and then the frenzy started. Two more waitresses came by and a dancer too. So they heard my condition, need a tit shot before drinking. So I got a number of shots so spent a lot of money too. Oh well, for posterity. Anyway, none of them wanted a bf since it was Good Friday today. So too bad. Out the door to the next place.

Walked into Apple Go Go and observed the stage. Was really wasted by this time. I saw a good looking Filipina bargirl dancer and waved her over. We had a short discussion. I gave her the various bargirl questions needed to see if she would be a good fuck. She passed my standards for that moment and said she could go. So I barfined her.

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Back To The Hotel Room And Sex

Walked back to my hotel and we showered together. Played with her peanut as she said and it was nice. Dried off and played some more. We both enjoyed playing with each other. Then I got on and we went at it for a few minutes. I was so tired, I just fell asleep after that. She left at 6:30 and I had to go back to sleep. Anyway, some pictures, but maybe rather dark, with bad lighting in the bar.

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